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Welkom on the "Small ICT Projects" wiki!

Howto use the wiki

If u need help or are unfamiliar with a wiki, u can check these links

  • WikiText Reference: short description of the wiki syntax when u edit or create a page
  • User's Guide: extended user guide of MediaWiki
  • Sandbox: u can use this testpage to experiment with the syntax... (don't make a new testpage)

Entering a ProjectProposal

A List with proposals can be found on ProjectVoorstellen1112 (students: do not add projects to this list, if u have an idea of your own use the project application page)

Make your project request/application on ProjectAanvragen1112


  • if there a link to another local or remote website, then show it as a link
  • try to be clear and concrete about the things u wish to accomplish
  • try to make a estimate about the time u need, make a timeschedule, and follow up with a logbook
    • (one of the tools u could use, not compulsary! win32 Linux)
  • if u need webspace not on the wiki: use can www/ftp/tls with your ldap-account, http to view, ftp over tls to manage the files.
  • if u need cvs space, let me know


The people who help or assist u in some way with the project. Complete them on VerdelingProjecten1112

Planning and deadlines

First term.

Everything needs to be finished on 24/11 the latest. This is the project presentation day, everybody is present.

If u change your timeslot to an empty one, do it at least three days before that meeting.

Second term.

Everything needs to be finished on 22/3 the latest. This is the project presentation day, everybody of the second term is present.


Put your mail adres on Administratie1112bis#Mailinglijst, and the mail adres of your mentor on Administratie1112bis#Mailinglist_Coaches

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